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      DC Snoop uses voter registration data provided by the DC Board of Elections to create a searchable database of registered voters. This data is public and available electronically pursuant to the DC Official Code §1-1001.07(h)(2A), which provides that "The Board shall publish and display on its website for a period of not less than 14 days preceding each election held under this subchapter a searchable copy of the list of qualified electors registered to vote as of the date the voter registry closed.”

      Some privacy advocates have voiced concerns about this data being public and accessible online. You can read more about that in this story from Fusion. If you have questions or comments regarding DC Board of Election policies you can find their contact information here. If you have questions or comments regarding the DC Official Code you can find contact information for the DC Council here. Or you can reach out to both on Twitter at @councilofdc and @DCBOEE. Registered voters may also contact the Board of Elections if they wish to have their information removed from the public data set, but this requires an application and approval.

      If you have any question or comments for me feel free to send an email to info@dcsnoop.com.